Don't Let Rodents Run Rampant Indoors

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For years, Guardian Termite & Pest Control, LLC has been solving the toughest rodent problems in the Davie & Fort Lauderdale, FL area. When you're at your wit's end about what to do, turn to us for a solution. We offer 24-hour rodent control services and rely on a fully licensed and insured crew.

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Our experienced crew is standing by to help

Our experienced crew is standing by to help

For your safety, never attempt DIY rodent control. If you've found...

  • Norway rats gorging themselves on your garbage
  • Roof rats burrowing into your attic insulation
  • House mice living in your dresser drawers

... reach out to a trusted pest exterminator in Davie & Fort Lauderdale, FL. Guardian Termite & Pest Control offers one-time and bi-monthly rodent control services.

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