Have Pests Wreaked Havoc on Your Attic?

Ask us about attic clean-up services in Davie & Fort Lauderdale, FL & Surrounding Areas

If wildlife has infested your residence, there's a good chance they've done some structural damage. Usually, this damage starts in the attic, but it can affect your entire home. Guardian Termite & Pest Control, LLC offers attic restoration services for clients in Davie, FL and the surrounding areas. We'll repair any damage done by rats, possums or other rodents and ensure your property is structurally sound.

Attic clean-up and restoration services are available with or without our regular pest control services. Call 954-600-7054 now to get a free estimate.

Our proven attic restoration process

Our proven attic restoration process

We take every step to ensure your attic is free of rodents and damage. Here's our thorough attic clean-up process:

  1. First, we'll remove any pests from the attic
  2. Second, we remove all contaminated material
  3. Then, we'll completely sanitize the space
  4. Next, we'll seal any holes caused by the rodents
  5. Finally, we'll insulate your home to prevent future infestations

You can rest assured your attic restoration is in good hands with us. Ask us about our 12-month renewable warranty today.